Why Crazy About Cell Phone Resale?: Review & Buyers’ Guide 2020

    Cell Phone Resale

    Hey. This is Jogesh, author of this article. In this article, I will reveal some tricks and methods of selling & Buying Mobiles ie Cell phone resale online as because many of you have been asking me how work was I successful in selling and buying and reselling cell phones on eBay and real Quick.

     I’m gonna answer that right now okay previously had a very successful eBay business on eBay buying own cell phones for four years and we lost that business due to a shady drop shipper that we found overseas where we were buying brand-new cell phones from that person and then reselling them on eBay those ended up not being authentic and so we got the boot but because we got the boot off eBay we were able to actually find authentic whole sellers.

     Oh since you’ve got been in met embossing me about how to actually do it I’m gonna let you know okay real quick if you want to buy and resell cell phones and make a profit what you want to do is you want to create your Craigslist listing first off because you need to get you some items okay you keep the buy them from Craigslist for people off Craigslist which I prefer to do because you can actually negotiate lower prices or you can do some research and see the kind of find the people on eBay and other sites.

    Truths and Facts about Cell Phone Resale 

    I actually sell them their products for a very very low price and then you can actually buy those items and then resell them on eBay but this is gonna deal with Craigslist all right making a Craigslist listing basically in that listing what you’re gonna say is you’re buying cellphones two years old or newer okay you don’t want to go older than two years old reason being is because cellphones really start to lose their value that after on that two-year mark with the exception of iPhones hold their value very very very well I will buy any iPhone product.

    Apple product Azzam now no matter how old it is actually and to resell it because you would I know I’ll reach I’ll double my money even if it’s making 40 bucks or something like that I know I wasn’t on money work when I will the Apple product so us also if you wanna if you’re good if you’re more of a techie person and you can uh more mechanically sound you want to add in your list and buying broken cell phones buying new cell phones two years newer or older and broken or broken you know this way if you know how to follow some of these 

    YouTube tutorials and things of that nature you can actually increase your money so ten times fourfold because you can fix a cracked screen very easily or you go and break a cell phone or something of that nature I made a ton of money doing that some very simple steps on some of them some steps are more involved.

     It’s a learning curve so there are some items that I thought I could fix can do it you know but hey you live in you learn you know but the majority of 90% of the time I got it fixed got it sold and got some money in my pockets oh so let’s go so so you make you let your title what you want to do make your title and then after that in your listing your Craigslist listing what you want to put in there is that uh you want to make it look good.

    you just don’t want to type some words up there and throw your phone number in there if you want to uh go to go to eBay grab you up a banner so that cell phone buying cell phones man take it from me from my eBay but uh from google  images you know search tab or whatever put it up in your listing put your phone number there as soon as you put your phone number there

     I guarantee you within that day someone’s gonna call you to say hey I got a Galaxy Note 8 or something of that nature so what can you give me for once you get that phone call what you want to do you want to say hey let me give you a callback and give you call back with a quote here real quick get online get on eBay what you want to do is when you must get on eBay you want to go to their completed listings and so the tab okay and with that what you want to do is you want to scroll down through there and you want to see what the phones are going for okay let me type this in for you guys real quick real quick  

    Steps and Information on Cell Phone Resale

    we’ve got the Galaxy Note 8 up eBay pulled a fast one on me it put the 3 in there not to do it ain’t let me do the two guys and let me do it to two people okay we got a  Galaxy Note 8 real quick let me take you around this way, okay here we go Galaxy Note 8 start scrolling down see what they’re selling for some of these broken some of them are not some of them are in good condition some of them are okay condition okay now what you want it

    what you want to click on here you won’t click on the used ones Galaxy Note8 you used okay down here you got your uh this is your souls’ listings right there and then you want to start scrolling down and what you want to just kind of visually do an average, okay we got four hundred bucks  pretty much two hundred four hundred three three another three-five for another three 385 380 you know just like that what that’s going to do is that’s going to give you a general idea of what excuse me of what the items on before.

    Alright then you want to go back and this is the key you won’t call that person back can you half the lowball you got to get your haggling skills right okay cuz that’s where you’re gonna make you money yet because if someone calls you with an item that they want to tell you they want to sell the item they want to get some money in their pockets so they want to sell you the phone okay so you don’t want to give them top dollar for this phone you already know what it’s priced at you wait at least I always tried to get it for about half as much I always try to at least double my money almost double my money so you want to come in with a hard half.

    you know close to a hard hat and if people would say no and you know I always use the rule of 25 at least try to get 25 per cent a profit off the item you know and one thing that always works for me if we can agree on a price I would tell the person well you know what you price a little high for me right now you know so if you don’t sell it give me a call back in a couple of days if you still got it I buy it I’ll buy for you for the price that according to jet guaranteed eighty to ninety per cent of time most of the people always called me back 

    and said hey you know what you’re still stressing that phone up like yes I’m interested in the fun you know now go buy it and I would do by reselling now so what I saw right there so basically make your title you listing two years older or two years Nora newer two years old or newer broke it or not on also boosts up your listing make it look good out of the phone number you get good a picture up in their cell phone ban or something of that nature you got a lowball people on when they give you a call you just got to do it

     I wasn’t comfortable doing it at first but after a while, if their company you get good at it and then also I missing an important step here you’re low-balling let’s pause it we’ve got a pause okay we back so you vote barb to people right you got to make a bait listings and this is key you make eBay listings gotta make you a Bay listen look really good you know to go to the go to the companies side of the phone or whatever you know grab all the information off of there

    and put it in your listing you know make your listing look good you know don’t rely on the eBay or generic little scripture and stuff you know going there make you a copy all that stuff and put it in your listing make it look good with pictures also take pictures of your item clean it up that’s key clean up your phone with some good awesome alcohol or some they got the Windex electronic spray wipe stuff that spray-on there take plenty of pictures the key for me for someone on my electronics was a video you get your item on video get some good light underneath it take some video of it and every angle don’t talk during it just hold it up there.

    just you know got me a pin here got a pin check it out you know something like that and um you know don’t though and  I’ll put that on there and once you add a video to you BAE listings they sell 10 times faster than just photos you know so badge if you picture side your videos put it on their list it good makes MIT listed either at a fair price don’t undercut people in your listing you know someone got something for $239 don’t price at 238 prices of 239 you know a sell right at the top with everybody else eventually it was so and so and basically that that’s it when it comes to binary selling cell phones 

    oh there’s they get deeper than those folks it gives real deeper than that um you also utilize your Twitter account you utilize your Facebook account make you a Facebook they got these local groups here we’re like within your city where there might be like I don’t know where yeah yeah I mean I’m in Lincoln Nebraska they got Lincoln you use the new electronics I get in there post me a little thing in there hey buying cell phones this is not paying top dollar blah blah blah blah you know and hey you know to put your phone number in there or whatever people give you a call 

    you know y’all know where you may be in Texas New York Florida Oh home or whatever you know to get in one of those little groups on Facebook and put in there that you buy into selling cellphones or whatever or whatnot you’d be surprised at the number of people just be jumping at you to tell you these items or whatever and lowball them put them on the research guide them on eBay and then the completed listings tab and resell them and I did that for four or five years

     I bought iPads iPods cell phones computers all types of stuff and I was always at least getting 25% to 50% or doubling my money quadrupling my money depending on some things and may do very well with that and um you know we don’t do that no more cuz we got a couple of online stores that work well for us you know but if you’re interested in doing that’s basically how you do it however if this article wasn’t enough information for you buddy of mine made a very good detailed ten video series on exactly how to do this but it does come at a cost as thirty-seven dollars but he also offers 60 days support you can give this man a call or you get a message them or email them.

    I hope you help you out with it I mean it’s actually a very good series better than what I could’ve done just to be honest and so uh glad he made took the time to do it so uh if you’re interested in more in-depth information on exactly how to do this how to get on Twitter Facebook all these social areas and put out there that you’re finding reselling cellphones but make sure you guys got time to dedicate to doing this because people are gonna call you and you’re gonna be hustling all around Tom

    picking up electronics and stuff and uh buying and reselling them in their big days where I’ve grown in Saturday had been out all day I’d come back a bag full of just stuff you know if he wants you to get money to buy items like that you know and I’d have it also by mid-week you know you got to resell them on craigslist ads crossbows I’m gonna put them on eBay I put them on Craigslist I put them in my bonanza store you know and stuff like that so there’s money that there’s a lot of money to be made in this the market is not saturated at all.

     so  definitely do it do that so once again I’m a post a link below get that ten videos with the e-book and one hundred per cent money-back guarantee also I mentioned at the starting of the article, I am going reveal the secret of selling & buying cells who I’m also gonna post a link in there to go to sell so if you’re looking for wholesale items electronics whatever you want verified whole sellers there 

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