Split Test Monkey V2 Reviews: 5 Points Make This Best

    Split Test Monkey V2 Reviews
    Split Test Monkey V2 Reviews

    Hey, This is Jogesh, author of this article about split test monkey v2 reviews. This product, I’m going to show you how you can grow your capture page conversions in a faster manner and lightning speed. I experienced myself with new Sports Niche Website. This Tool is amazing, I can do it very fast & very quickly by myself. I created a page I was getting dull results and now with this tool, I created a simple split test and within a matter of hours. I am amazed and thrilled seeing 3 times the leads from the same traffic in just about 12 hours. I recommend this product if you are planning to swift ur pages huge leads & conversions.

    Beginners like me don’t get enough time to optimise traffic for my newly created pages thereby to create lead to my fresh pages. I rarely find a tool for doing this job for me. Despite my efforts, I spend hours for maximizing my content writing on my newborn website. You Don’t Believe, I am waiting for months though!!. Of course, major pages of my website is of the same niche itself. Promoting Ads for these pages is a very complex issue with Test methods that fairly drain my pockets with near no conversion rate.

    Thanks to this Split Test Monkey tool, made a huge difference literally. I feel it happens with all in every business taken up for growth online and with higher conversion rates. then ever. It’s something you absolutely should be implementing in your business because if you’re not doing this then you’re not maximizing your traffic.

    So, obviously you want to be building your traffic every single day so the amount of traffic you get the number of leads you get go up. Split test Monkey tool need to be split testing your capture pages that way you can find out which ones convert better because by doing this you can literally double the number of leads you get every single day. and when you double the number of leads every single day is actually just doubling your business. Double sale and Increased email list.

    Let me tell you recently I created a page with all the good content with SEO done. It takes months for google or any other search engine to index and rank. However, by this tool, I generate fast results instantly. I see a huge variation with the current funnel. I created a page and as soon as I started running the test within hours I was just I was almost tripling the number of leads that were coming in and with the same amount of traffic flow so this more than doubled the amount of lead flow.

    So that, through this tool so I was making more sales . Especially recommended for pages of Welcome Notes, Spread word and some time survey pages. Now, I am excited to expect more sales. These days, I was building my post faster, I would have never had that extra influx of leads and from the traffic. I was getting if I didn’t split tests and I’m gonna go on. I’m gonna split test all my pages for better results right away. Because, in the case now you get 100 clicks, this tool promises about 200-300 click.

    Using Split Test Monkey V2 Tool

    Let me show you the Split Test Monkey review by going to its landing page. It would just take 2-5 mins for include the code for each page. The moment u land on the page, it would something like this

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    Split Tool Monkey V2 Reviews
    Homepage of Split Tool Monkey v2

    In Test Test, Select your options, The moment you seen this page, click CREATE NEW tab for new test setting. Enter the Test name, Select Type and other value as per requirements

    Split Tool Monkey V2

    In second section. you need to enter 2 URLs for split test. Once, you enter all fields, you will find a pop up screen something like this

    Split tool monkey v2 reviews
    Split tool monkey v2 reviews

    Copy the 3 codes and paste into your page before Body Tag. This third party tool performs split test whereby a page wouldn’t jump 5-10 click would see a dramatic change in minutes

    you can also use this for anything you can put a code on your thank-you page then you can use this software as most of the page builders does. you will have somewhere to put code a third-party code on your thank-you page either for tracking purposes if you want to track different traffic sources. I’ve got some tracking codes in there for different track traffic sources but you can also insert the code on split test various splash pages that you’ve made capture pages using the tool. I See, much traffic lands these various pages I have enlisted through this tool.

    If somebody as you hits it with that IP address with the certain IP address of your computer it’s gonna stay on that page but the next person who hits it with a different IP address is going to go to the opposite page. In this way, you can get true even results. When people opt-in you’re going to be able to come back in to right here and you’re gonna see all the hits and you’re going to see which page is converting the best it’s as simple as that so if you’re not using some sort of split testing you definitely need to be doing that. This software dominates in its every manner to the previous versions.

    Previous versions work on the good about after about 5-20days. Now, the game has completely changed to hours. So you can witness a good amount of lead within a day or two. I Promise, this tool is one of the best game-changers TOOL.


    • Faster results
    • Split Test Monkey is a Great Value / High Feature Solution
    • It’s Simple To Use
    • and offers the Convenience
    • Flexibility of a Web based platform.


    • Only 2 URLs at a time
    • Time Consuming
    • Very tedious to include generated snippet codes for every single page.

    Final words : Split Test Monkey V2 Reviews

    SPLIT TEST MONKEY V2 reviews recommend this product at just $ 20, If you are a beginner, find difficulty in handling traffics of every page. This tool performs more for you. This $20 tool performs more than what we pay!! for one year we don’t have to worry about the influx traffic matters of your website.

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