Best Tutorials for Photoshop – Videos for Beginners

    Tutorials for photoshop
    Tutorials for photoshop

    Tutorial for photoshop in Video Format: Get the Basics of Photoshop Even If You Have Never Practised Photoshop Before!

    This video course consists of the following videos that will teach you how to use Photoshop to enhance your images and become a better photographer:

    Introduction to Photoshop – Tutorial for photoshop

    Video 1: Using Camera Raw Filter

    Video 2: Using Basic Selection Tools

    Video 3: Using the Spot Healing Brush Tool

    Video 4: Using the Patch Tool

    Video 5: Using the Content-Aware Tool

    Video 6: Using the Clone Stamp Tool

    Video 7: Using the Hue/Saturation Adjustment Tool

    Video 8: Using the Selective Color Adjustment Tool

    Video 9: Using the Exposure, Vibrance and Photo Filter Adjustment Tools

    Video 10: The Technique of Layer Masking

    Video 11: Using the Gaussian Blur Filter

    Video 12: Using the Smart Sharpen Tool

    Video 13: Using the Adaptive Wide Angle Filter

    Video 14: Using the Smart Object Function

    Video 15: Using Advanced Selections – Part 1

    Video 16: Using Advanced Selections – Part 2

    Video 17: Using Blending Modes

    Video 18: Frequency Separation for Smoothing Skin

    Video 19: The Technique of Dodging and Burning

    Each video consists of links to download the images used in the video so you can work along and practice in real-time.

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