Best Lights for Cycle in India 2020

    Many people ride cycles on-road days and nights. Most of those cyclists are not worried to fix lights for cycle, even if they are riding cycles during the night. To secure the safety of the rider, it is essential to fix lights on the cycles.

    A cyclist should be conscious of the heavy automobiles on the road that have lights of their own. Some of the cycles have reflectors on rear, but a reflector attached behind the cycle cannot provide sufficient light to the rider to get a clear view of the road in front.

    A reflector is accessible exclusively for the drivers of other automobiles coming from behind. A cycles light is important to improve the riders’ visibility of the road during the night.

    In some countries, cycle riding is not permitted without using lights. Many Countries acknowledge the cycles as an automobile and cycle riders have to obey road rules. Cycles light is important for the safety of the rider.

    Most of the drivers of large automobiles are driving by watching for the lights of other automobiles during the night to know their presence on the road. The drivers of heavy automobiles never expect a cycle rider appear out from the pitch darkness.

    There are various choices for a cycle light and these lights are available at different prices. The LED lights available are

    • Multiple LED,
    • High-power single LED
    • High-power multiple LED.

    High-power LED lamps are normally used for normal speeds so that automobile drivers can sense the presence of the cyclist. Multiple LED light consists of multiple low-power LEDs that provide sufficient light for the rider so that the automobiles coming from the opposite direction can also see the cyclist on road. Multiple LED lights are not sufficient for a speed of over 5-10 mph.

    Multiple high-power LEDs are extremely suited for the cycles of serious racers and night riders with a speed of above 10 mph.

    While purchasing a cycle light you have to purchase one with

    • Battery,
    • Charger and
    • Helmet mount.

    It is advisable to buy a flashlight than static light because a flashing cycle light can attract the attention of both pedestrians and automobiles alike.

    You can find below several types of cycle lights available at affordable prices on the internet.

    AlexVyan LED Lights for Cycle

    • CREE XM-L Q5 LED Zoomable focus torch
    • Produced of high-quality plastic (Sturdy, Durable & Long-lasting) 
    • LED bulb life is up to 100,00 hours, 
    • This torch is rainproof
    • Easily Mount on any cycle handle.
    • Tool Kit Included for maintenance

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