Top Secrets of Kundalini Yoga Revealed | Complete Guide- 2020


    “Awakening into the God state makes all the perceptual limitations of the mind disappear, just like a bucket of muddy water turns crystal-clear once poured into the ocean.”


    Introduction Of Kundalini Yoga:

    The aim of Kundalini Yoga is to awaken dominant the serpent stage by stage, to ascend the spinal canal, known as Sushumna. Until, the highest centre in the brain. This ascent will takes years to succeed, although in exceptional cases it takes a short time, steadily attended by divine manifestations.

    Modern writers on the Kundalini yoga have taken the same lines and ascribe the events associated with kundalini to the existence of a

    • Cosmic
    • Astral
    • Etheric
    • Or psychic force without any biological link with the human body.

    critical in the same way as has been done in the ancient papers. They pierce the physiological objections to the existence of lotuses (Chakras) on the spinal cord, or of any structure in the flesh matching a coiled serpent at the base of the spine.

    All these forms on the spinal cord and brain, to which the ancient manuscripts refer with trust have no tangible physical reality, only exist in the astral body or the implied sheath of prana, circling the physical frame.

    Aim of Kundalini Yoga

    The aim of this act is to place open this opportunity by defeating the ancient as well as the current ideas and opinions about Kundalini Yoga to decision analysis in the light of modern knowledge about the human mind and body.

    The approach adopted in India during the past some centuries in respect to the ancient tracts on Yoga has been and however is one of indiscriminate permission under the hypothesis that the authorities are too elevated and the subject is much sacred to be critically examined.

    It is very sad that there is no book on Kundalini Yoga, written by a modern scholar, well notified with the present-day theories of science, based on the experience of the divine power. Most of the writers on the Kundalini Yoga either merely copy the ancient books or try to understand the writings in the view of their own spiritual and metaphysical ideas.


    How the Kundalini energy awakens

    In the same manner, the term nadis, commonly used in the tracts on Kundalini Yoga, is held to imply channels of psychic energy or invisible prana that have no identity with the chain of nerves, veins, and arteries dispersed over the whole body.

    Nobody can deny the fact that the potent pranic flow generated by the body. on the awakening of kundalini, is of such an astonishing nature, and acts with perfect precision and superhuman potential, that it reaches the dependency of the Divine.

    Assumptions of Kundalini Yoga

    From the wholly scientific view, since, some of the basic assumptions of Kundalini-Yoga have no existence in actuality to the interpretation put on the words nadis and lotuses by some recent authors. In other words, however, nadis can be explained as arteries.

    The chakras to which repeated evidence is in fact, by repeated use have become so common that the very name chakra has assumed the significance of kundalini yoga. It is held to understand nerve plexuses of the central nervous system, and with others as subtle vortices of prana energy, located at separate places in the brain and the spinal cord, having no material features visible to the eye.

    They can be perceived with internal vision obtained when Kundalini is awakened. These vortices are said to be in the form of lotuses with a precise number of petals in all. Achieving a state of consciousness, characterized by immortality and infinity as mentioned in ancient works on Kundalini Yoga that the accomplished Sadhaka (Disciple) can

    • Create
    • Preserve
    • Destroy the world at will.

    the underlying idea to achieve a transcendent state for further attaining full lucidity, the picture which first managed by unreal, sense-bound consciousness, recedes into insignificance. All the disciplines of Kundalini Yoga are directed towards the cleaning of the five gross elements in the body. This cleaning can only be achieved through the help of the bodily organs regulated by the nervous system and the brain.

    In fact, the whole armoury of Hatha-Yoga practices

    • Posture
    • Shatkarma
    • Concentration or Pranayama

    Is aimed to acquire control or to improve the capacities of the various organs with the final object of gaining control over the vital processes of the body in harmony to force the arousing the serpent power. When kundalini is awakened, the live, pranic force, passing through the nerves, effects the refinement of the body and the transmutation of the brain to make supersensory experiences feasible.

    the nervous system and the complex of the biological organism, then assuming any other divine power can act on the same body effectuating complete changes and transformations. If nadis are only spiritual channels of prana, through what channel then do the changes and the manifestations in the body happen?

    In light of these facts, it is not only on the spirit of the ancient writings. Again, the dictates of sense and the very scientific nature of this venerable system to entreat superphysical and unverifiable agencies to account for a marvel that can be explained in rigidly rational terms.

    The words ‘in the head’ clearly indicate a location channel Sushumna, which establishes its bodily nature. The nerves of the heart are a hundred and one in the count. Of them, the one (Sushumna) passes through the head. Going up through that nerve one achieves resurrection. The alleged existence of the lotuses(Chakras) and other objects at the chakras has no essence, in fact, the references made to them in the Tantras and other manuals on Kundalini Yoga do not apply to the nerves made of flesh but to hypothetical channels of life energy inter-penetrating the human anatomy.

    Methods Of Kundalini Yoga

    If such were the case, then rather of suggesting the difficult and even dangerous practice of pranayama, which directly affects both the autonomic and the central nervous system, combined with

    • Postures,
    • Mudras and
    • Bandhas
    •  Other unequivocally physical exercises

     The ancient sages would have contented themselves with advocating purely mental exercises to stimulate channels that had no physical reality and could, therefore, be resembled only through the manifestation of the mind.

    the ancient masters claim for Kundalini yoga

    • Superconsciousness
    • Psychic powers
    • Longevity
    • Radiant health
    • Genius
    •  A host of other gifts and talent

    this leads to a hidden spring of energy and strength in the body., so marvellous, potent, and high-priced for the peace and joy of mankind.

    Conclusion on Kundalini Yoga

    It is, therefore, but true that it should be connected with and have control over the spinal cord, the autonomic nervous system and the brain, for any provocation to evolution to be effective must rise from the cerebrospinal directorate, and in line to be fruitful must have its closest service and support at every step. Why it should be connected closely with the system is sufficiently clear from the very essence of Kundalini Yoga.

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